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Documents required for homelessness assistance

If you’re homeless, we may ask you many questions about your current and past circumstances and to provide documented evidence.

It’s in your interests to supply this quickly as it assists us in making the best decision. We may need some or all of the following documents.

Proof of homelessness  

Documents we need may need, include:

  • legally valid Notice to Quit
  • court possession order
  • bailiff's warrant
  • documents from your bank or mortgage company
  • a letter from your employer for tied accommodation
  • letter from the people you are living with stating the date on which you must leave.

Proof of personal details

These will vary according to individual circumstances but the documents we need may include:

  • identification for all individuals on the application such as birth certificates, passports or driving licences proof of any pregnancy
  • proof of responsibility for dependent children
  • National Insurance numbers
  • proof of benefits received
  • wage slips and bank statements for the past 3 months
  • current tenancy agreements
  • proof of all past addresses for the past 5 years for all individuals applying, like utility bills, correspondence and proof of sale of properties
  • proof of all income sources, bills and other outgoings
  • if relevant, documents proving you’re eligible for assistance, proof of divorce or any other legal documents relevant to your circumstances
  • proof of any relevant medical conditions from a qualified professional, including details of prescription medication.

Proof of local connection

To help us work out the duty we may have to you, we may ask you to provide evidence to show that you have a local connection with Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole. 

We may check your Council Tax records, the electoral register and other sources to confirm what you tell us.

False information

If you provide false information, you’ll be committing an offence under Sections 214(2) and (3) of the Housing Act 1996 and may be prosecuted. Also, we may withdraw your application if you fail to provide information or make contact when requested.