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Applying to join the advisory list of Disabled Facilities Grant contractors

Advisory list of contractors  

To help applicants for a Disabled Facilities Grant, we’ve put together a list of contractors.

Joining the advisory list of contractors  

To join the advisory list, contractors should complete the Advisory List of Contractors application form, as well as meeting the following criteria:          

  • you've provided two suitable local references for works which you have recently carried out 
  • you agree to abide by Housing and Community Services’ Contractors’ Code of Conduct for carrying out grant work 
  • you accept the procedures in respect of selection from the list by grant applicants.   

Contractors’ Code of Conduct  

All contractors selected for the advisory list should meet our Contractors’ Code of Conduct, which outlines the standard of service applicants can expect from a contractor:  

  • at the initial visit
  • following the visit
  • if appointed to carry out the works
  • while the works are in progress
  • on completion of the works.

Read our Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) Policy.