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Rent Deposit Scheme - information for landlords

Our rent deposit scheme is an interest-free loan that helps cover the cost of a tenancy deposit or rent in advance.  

Rent deposits  

You or a letting agent will get the deposit from us. This can be a direct bank transfer or a bond guarantee certificate.   

The law requires that cash deposits are registered with a deposit protection scheme throughout the tenancy. You may be charged for this. However, bond guarantee certificates do not need to be registered.  

We’ll give you a deposit equal to one month’s rent. The tenant will pay this back to us in regular instalments. If you do not make a claim on this at the end of the tenancy, we’ll refund the deposit to your tenant.     

The deposit covers damage to the property and inventory items caused by the tenant or their guests, along with rent-related debt. You must provide a rent statement for this. The deposit does not cover any agency fees.  

Rent in advance  

We’ll pay you 1 month’s rent in advance, which the tenant will pay back to us in regular instalments. This does not cover any damage to the property.  

Terms and conditions  

You’ll need to sign a landlord agreement before we can pay you. If you cannot sign this, a letting agent can sign it on your behalf.  

Here’s an outline of the main conditions:  

  • you must tell us when the tenancy is over, within the agreed timeframe 
  • you must regularly inspect the property 
  • you must make every effort to collect rent arrears.  

The full terms and conditions are explained in full on the paperwork you sign when you join the scheme.