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Passing on your council homes tenancy in Bournemouth

Tenancies may be passed to your spouse or partner if they lived with you at the time of your death. Other close relatives may also be able to succeed to the tenancy provided they've lived with you for 12 months. This is called succession.  

For tenancies created after 1 April 2012, only the tenant's spouse or partner may succeed. If your tenancy started before 1 April 2012, other family members may be entitled to succeed.  

Close relatives who succeed may have to move if the property is too large or is specially adapted for older or disabled people. 

If one of the people named on a joint tenancy agreement dies, the other will automatically take over the tenancy.  

If you do not have a right to succession and the named tenant of the property where you live dies, you will need to move out and we will provide you with guidance and support about this.  

Contact our tenancy advice team for details.