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Our commitment to council home tenants and leaseholders in Bournemouth

Council home tenants and leaseholders have the right to expect a good service from us as their landlord and that’s why we’ve worked with you to draw up the following so that you’ll know what to expect from us.   

What we’ll do for you:  

  • provide a fast and efficient service by responding to your enquiry within 10 working days, depending on the complexity of the enquiry 
  • offer you an all-day appointment as standard when you report a repair and adapt this if you have a need for a more specific appointment time 
  • show you official identification, including a photo, when one of our officers or contractors visits your home  
  • investigate your complaint thoroughly and learn from it, aiming to respond fully within 20 working days or update you where this is not possible 
  • treat everyone fairly and provide you with the information you need, in ways that suit you and that you find easy to understand 
  • ask you for your consent to share your information and maintain the highest standard of security and confidentiality with your personal information 
  • advise you on how to pay your rent and claim any relevant benefits 
  • contact you if you fall two weeks behind with your rent payments, let you know how much you owe us, offer you payment advice and tell you what will happen if you do not pay 
  • contact you within five working days of receipt of your antisocial behaviour complaint (24 hours for a serious allegation) to discuss the issue and how best we can help you 
  • inspect and clean the communal areas of all blocks of flats to maintain standards of health and safety, cleanliness and repairs 
  • remove from internal communal areas or housing land, rubbish, graffiti and fly tipping that is reported to us 
  • regularly visit all external communal areas to check they are kept clean and tidy, keeping all footpaths and car parks clear of overhanging material and weeds 
  • attend and make safe all repairs within prescribed timescales, depending on the urgency and scale of the repair 
  • let you know when repairs are your responsibility and make sure that chargeable repairs are only carried out with your agreement 
  • respond to tenants’ requests for permission to carry out their own home improvements within 20 working days of receiving the request 
  • give you at least one month’s notice of any modernisation, refurbishment or improvement works to be carried out in your home 
  • carry out customer satisfaction surveys on a random selection of completed repairs or refurbishments to tenants' homes, and the results shared with the involved residents.