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Repairs and maintenance for council homes in Bournemouth

Our tenants can use our Repairs Centre Helpdesk to report work that needs to be carried out at their council home. Some repairs are our responsibility, and some are yours. If we carry out repairs that are your responsibility, we will charge you.   

Where we’re responsible for repairs, we only use approved contractors to work on your home.   

You can be confident that the contractors will follow the Contractors Code of Conduct by:  

  • wearing ID badges 
  • carrying out work to a high standard 
  • treating you and your home with respect 
  • being polite and courteous 
  • not smoking in your home 
  • being on time and letting you know if they are running late 
  • completing work in a single visit whenever possible 
  • keeping noise and mess to a minimum.  

Your repair responsibilities  

As our tenant, you have a responsibility to keep your property in a good state of repair. The details of your responsibilities are set out in your tenancy agreement and include:  

  • the internal decoration of your home 
  • looking after your garden 
  • repairing damage caused to your home by you, your family or visitors 
  • you reporting to the police if you’ve been a victim of crime, making sure you get a crime reference number so that we can make repairs free of charge 
  • unblocking drains, sinks and baths up to the main drain 
  • replacing door keys or fobs 
  • removing rubbish from your home 
  • repairing broken glazing 
  • changing fuses, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes as needed 
  • connecting cookers and fires (using Gas Safe engineers for any gas appliances) 
  • plumbing in washing machines 
  • replacing bath and sink plugs and chains 
  • cleaning windows.   

Chargeable repairs  

You can arrange for us to carry out some repairs that are your responsibility, but you’ll be charged for the work. You must be up to date with your payments to us before booking any chargeable repair work.   

What to do when a contractor visits your home  

If you arrange for one of our contractors to come to your home to carry out work, you must:  

  • make sure someone aged over 16 is there to let them in 
  • be polite, as if there’s any aggressive or violent behaviour, our contractor will leave 
  • prepare the area where the work will be taking place by clearing the space and removing pictures or ornaments to keep them safe 
  • have valid household contents insurance in case of any accidental damage.
  • let us know as soon as possible If you need to cancel the appointment 
  • not smoke indoors while the contractor is in your home.  

The repairs centre   

Helpdesk will log the repair and contact you with an appointment. Information for reporting emergencies is available further down the page.  

We offer ‘all day appointments’ as standard, meaning that you’ll need to wait in on the day of your appointment until we’re able to visit you. Where possible, we can also offer you more convenient appointment slots if you have work, hospital or childcare commitments. Mention this when calling to report your repair.  

We also offer a text message service to all customers who have a mobile phone. We’ll send you these three messages to remind you of the repair appointment:  

  • an appointment confirmation after you’ve reported the repair 
  • a reminder on the afternoon before your scheduled appointment 
  • an ‘en route’ message to let you know that a member of staff is on their way to you.  

To receive this service, make sure you’ve given us your latest mobile phone number. Details of the sender will appear as MTC APPT on your mobile phone.  

Emergency repairs  

To report emergency repairs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call 0800 028 1870.   

Examples of emergencies  

Here are some examples of what we consider to be an emergency:  

  • your home is not secure 
  • you have no heating or hot water (November to April only) 
  • a serious water leak 
  • your sole toilet does not flush 
  • there's no electricity or water supply
  • there are dangerous electrics 
  • your home has blocked drains.  

Please make sure your repair is an emergency before requesting a call out. You’ll be charged for non-emergency out of hours calls, and repairs that are not our responsibility.  

Urgent or emergency calls will be dealt with on the day of reporting. Please stay at home until our engineer arrives, as they will be with you as soon as possible.