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Apply to carry out work on protected trees

You must complete an application to request permission to carry out works on privately owned trees subject to a preservation order and/or trees in a conservation area.

The form should not be used for requesting works to council owned trees.


Use the following documents to apply for work on protected trees:

  • application form help notes to assist you with the completion of your form
  • validation checklist to ensure you have included all the necessary information
  • application information sheet a summary of the types of work that require formal consent from us, work that is likely to be approved and a guide of works that are routinely refused.

When completing the form, you must make it clear exactly which tree or trees you wish to prune. You must also detail exactly what sort of work you wish to carry out and the reasons why. If you have supporting documentation relating to these reasons you should submit this too.

Tree work request applications are currently free of charge. We do not require payment to process them.

Only one copy of the application form, plans and supporting documents needs to be sent to us.