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Queen's Park

Elected Candidates:

  • ANDERSON, Mark Edward John
  • JOHNSON, Cheryl Anne 


Queen's Park Results
 Candidate name: Description (if any): Votes
ANDERSON Mark Edward John Conservative Party 1071 Elected
CARR-BROWN Sharon Lesley Labour Party 395 
CROUCH Lorraine Ann Liberal Democrats 261
FISHER Susan Dorothy  Labour Party 346 
HUGHES David Norman  UK Independence Party (UKIP) 299
JOHNSON Cheryl Anne Conservative Party 921 Elected
KEDDIE Alasdair  Green Party 474
MCMANUS Elizabeth Joanne  Green Party 363
PARDY Gillian Elizabeth Liberal Democrats 271
  Turnout 30.30%
Rejected papers
The number of ballot papers was as follows:Number of ballot papers 
A) Want of an official mark  0
B) Voting for more Candidates than voter was entitled to 5
C) Writing or mark by which voter could be identified 1
D) Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 12
E) Rejected in part 0
Total 18