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Queen's Park

Elected candidates:

  • CARR-BROWN Sharon Lesley
  • KEDDIE Alasdair
Queen's Park results
 Candidate name: Description (if any):Number of votes
ANDERSON Mark Edward John Conservative Party Candidate  759
CARR-BROWN Sharon Lesley Labour Party  808 - Elected
CROUCH Lorraine Ann Liberal Democrats  215
JOHNSON Cheryl Anne Conservative Party Candidate  693
KEDDIE Alasdair Green Party  809 - Elected
NAGEL Nicole Green Party  746
PARDY Gillian Elizabeth Liberal Democrats  170
TALMAN Christopher Richard Labour Party  594
  Turnout  31.69%
Rejected papers
The number of ballot papers was as follows:Number of ballot papers 
A) Want of an official mark  0
B) Voting for more Candidates than voter was entitled to 4
C) Writing or mark by which voter could be identified 0
D) Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 16
E) Rejected in part 0
Total 20