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2023 Local and Parish Council election results

Election results for the 2023 Local and Parish Council elections, Thursday 4 May 2023.

Following the elections Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council is now made up of:

  • 8 Christchurch Independents
  • 12 Conservative Party 
  • 5 Green Party 
  • 5 Independents
  • 11 Labour Party 
  • 28 Liberal Democrat
  • 2 Poole Engage – Action not Words 
  • 5 Poole People – Independent and Local

Photo ID and turnout

There was a legal requirement to collect data throughout the day, which will be used by the Electoral Commission to evaluate how the new ID requirements are working in practice. The parts of this data which we are permitted to share more widely are outlined below.

Out of the 62,355 people who voted in person on polling day (across the 161 polling stations), a total of 223 people didn’t initially provide photo ID.

Of these 223, 148 later returned with a form of accepted photo ID and were subsequently issued with a ballot paper.

A total of 75 did not return to the polling station and so were not issued with a ballot paper and did not cast a vote. This amount equals 0.1% of those that attended a polling station on 4 May and tried to vote.

The overall turnout was 30.62%.

Further details about photo ID and turnout.

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