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2023 Local and Parish Council election results

Election results for the 2023 Local and Parish Council elections, Thursday 4 May 2023.

Following the elections Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council is now made up of:

  • 8 Christchurch Independents
  • 12 Conservative Party 
  • 5 Green Party 
  • 5 Independents
  • 11 Labour Party 
  • 28 Liberal Democrat
  • 2 Poole Engage – Action not Words 
  • 5 Poole People – Independent and Local

Photo ID and turnout

Out of the 62,355 people who voted in person on polling day (across the 161 polling stations), a total of 223 people didn’t initially provide photo ID.

Of these 223, 148 later returned with a form of accepted photo ID and were subsequently issued with a ballot paper.

A total of 75 did not return to the polling station and so were not issued with a ballot paper and did not cast a vote. This amount equals 0.1% of those that attended a polling station on 4 May and tried to vote.

The overall turnout was 30.62%.

Further details about photo ID and turnout.

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