Mayor of Bournemouth

The Charter Mayor of Bournemouth is Councillor Susan Phillips.


About Councillor Susan Phillips

Councillor Susan Phillips had a successful career at the head office of Marks and Spencer in London where she lived and raised her children before moving to Bournemouth in the 1990s. She then worked in the Crown and County Courts before a career change to become the manager of a block of apartments where older residents can live independently – a role which she loves. 

Susan first became involved in local politics in 2009 and was elected onto the former Bournemouth council in 2001 when she represented the Wallisdown & Winton West Ward. 

She is a committed activist for local people and their concerns and considers herself to be a community champion.

Mayor's charity support

Councillor Susan Phillips has chosen to support and promote two charities during her mayoral year. The charities are:

  • Streetscene (which helps rehabilitate people with drug addictions)
  • CALM (otherwise known as the Campaign Against Living Miserably)

How to contact the mayor

You can contact the Mayor by email at

Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor of Bournemouth is Councillor Derek Borthwick.