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Roles of the civic dignitaries

The Chairman of BCP Council is the first citizen of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and shall have precedence in the towns unless a member of the Royal FamilyHM Lord-Lieutenant of Dorset or High Sheriff of Dorset is present.

In addition, we also have the:

Roles of the Chairman and Charter Mayors

The following table shows examples of the respective roles of the Chairman of the BCP Council and the Mayors of the Charter Trustees. 


● (Primary responsibility)    
○ (Secondary responsibility)

BCP Council Chairman

Charter Mayors

Promoting public involvement in BCP Council affairs and acting as a contact between members of the public and organisations and the Council



Maintain the historical and ceremonial traditions of the office of Mayor



Promote the town as a place to live and visit

Promote the town locally, nationally and internationally

Promote, liaise and link with private and voluntary sector organisations

Participate in and help initiate activities that enhance the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of the town and its residents



Act as host to official visitors to the town

Attend civic and ceremonial functions and local community-based activities



Represent the trust / council at ceremonial events by invitation

Promoting chosen charities

Other specific functions

Citizenship Ceremony on behalf of BCP Council


Armed Forces Day

Annual Civic Service

Remembrance Day

Local fetes


Regalia talks


Centenary birthdays and 60th (golden) wedding anniversaries


Community events and open days


Christmas carols, parades, lights and nativities


Twinning visits