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Invite a civic dignitary to an event

You can invite a civic dignitary to attend events, such as:

  • fundraising events for local charities
  • the opening of a new businesses
  • civic events (including the Annual Service of Remembrance)
  • visits to local community groups and schools
  • community events
  • receptions for visiting dignitaries and other community leaders.

Before you invite a civic dignitary

You may want to consider which civic dignitary you want to attend your event, based on what the event is. This is due to the different roles and duties each civic dignitary performs

The civic dignitaries that you can invite to an event include the:

How to invite a civic dignitary

If you would like to invite a civic dignitary to your event, you can contact us by email at: 

When submitting your request please include as much information as possible about the event you are planning to hold. You must also include the following: 

  • name of event
  • date and time of event 
  • venue for the event 
  • what type of event and it's purpose (for example school visit, opening of a business, etc)
  • duties you wish for the civic dignitary to perform 
  • reason for a civic dignitaries attendance 
  • your contact details.

We normally need at least 21 days notice for all invitations, and submitting a request does not guarantee that the civic dignitary will be able to attend your event.

What happens next

We will contact you to confirm if a civic dignitary is available to attend your event, and to finalise the arrangements.