UK Parliamentary Election (General Election) 2019

Who can vote

You must be registered to vote and also be one of the following:

  • be registered to vote (If you’re already registered to vote you don't need to register again)
  • be 18 or over on the day of the election (‘polling day’)
  • be a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen
  • be resident at an address in the UK (or a British citizen living abroad who has been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years)
  • not be legally excluded from voting

Voting options and your poll card

If you know you won't be able to vote in person, then you can either:

If you've chosen to vote in person and providing your name is on the electoral register, you will receive a poll card which tells you where you should vote.

If you have already chosen to vote by post then you will receive a poll card which tells you when and where your voting papers will be sent.

Election day and results

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 12 December.

As results are being declared, they will be available on:

Election Notices

The following notice of election has been issued

Bournemouth East Constituency

Bournemouth West Constituency

Christchurch Constituency

Mid Dorset and North Poole Constituency

Poole Constituency