Additional Licensing

If implemented, Additional Licensing will affect small Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) across the area that fall outside of mandatory licensing, and will apply to all rented properties with shared facilities that are occupied by three or four people from two or more households. 

Benefits of Additional Licensing

The introduction of Additional Licensing can bring widespread benefits to the local community. In particular, it ensures that all designated houses in multiple occupation within the area are managed and maintained to a satisfactory standard. Landlords be made aware of their responsibilities and tenants of their rights.

We consider that the scheme, with other measures, will:

  • Improve housing conditions
  • reduce health inequalities
  • reduce anti-social behaviour related to the private rented sector
  • improve the social and economic conditions in the area

The scheme will achieve this by:

  • ensuring that landlords are ‘fit and proper persons’
  • requiring and promoting good and fair management of tenancy relations
  • providing support for landlords to tackle anti-social behaviour effectively
  • protecting vulnerable tenants from the worst housing conditions and from irresponsible landlords
  • ensuring properties are not overcrowded
  • securing strategic knowledge to support the local authority in targeting health and safety inspections and initiatives
  • supporting landlords to improve the worst properties by helping them to achieve decent minimum standards in housing conditions, management and facilities.
  • improving housing management standards and tackling anti-social behaviour within the sector

It may also reduce environmental crime costs, such as noise nuisance, and ill-health resulting from poor housing conditions.


We considered the risks of introducing Additional Licensing. A full risk assessment is in the appendices of the full consultation document including implications and mitigation.

Risks include (but are not limited to):

  • Displacement of irresponsible landlords to other areas
  • Risk of focusing on enforcement rather than on changing behaviour for both landlords and tenants
  • Risk of increased rents if landlords pass on costs of improvements to tenants

We have considered these, and other potential risks, arising from the proposals and have identified actions to mitigate these risks.