Community Engagement and Consultation Strategy

Monday 13th January (00:00) - Sunday 12th April 2020 (23:59)

Shaping our Community Engagement and Consultation Strategy

The Consultation closed on Sunday 12 April 2020. Thank you to all of you who took part.

Ensuring that everybody in our diverse communities has the opportunity to get involved and help shape and influence council services in their local area is a priority for BCP Council.  

We asked for views on draft Community Engagement and Consultation principles we put together to show how we plan to engage and consult with our communities.

We also wanted to find out how you currently get involved with BCP Council and what would encourage you to have your say. This is so we can offer a range of ways for you to get involved.

We also asked about your local area identity, what existing local groups you’re aware of and what could work better, so we can consider what arrangements may be needed across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

The consultation was available online and an Easy Read version of the questionnaire was also available. We had information in all of our libraries and promoted it using all the council's communications channels.

We are now analysing the responses to the consultation and will draft the Community Engagement and Consultation Strategy to reflect this, so your views will make a difference.  The Strategy was proposed to be presented to Cabinet in July, but we will update you on the timetable as that becomes clear.


Our Roadshow Locations

We were also out and about meeting residents as we visited wards sharing this information and asking you to have your say. 

Unfortunately, from 17 March we decided to cancel the remaining roadshows based on advice from Government in relation to Covid-19. It was important that our staff are able to support our communities in these difficult times and they have been supporting older and at risk residents who are self-isolating across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Thank you to everyone who stopped to talk to us at our roadshow events and have taken part in the consultation. We really appreciate your input.

DateWhere we are visitingLocation and Time (Please note: times are approximate due to potential inclement weather conditions, heavy traffic and delays from previous locations)
14th January    Kinson

AM, Library

Henry Brown Youth Centre

15th January  Kinson

High Street, Wimborne Road

St Andrew's Church

16th January

Redhill & Northbourne

08:15 - Hadow Road, Nr Kingsleigh School

09:30 - Ensbury Park Library

12:00 - Cherry Tree Nursery

12:30 - St Thomas' Church

13:00 - Hill View Parade

17th January

Wallisdown & Winton West 

8:30 - Vicarage Road, Nr Moordown St Johns School, Winton West 

9:30 - Aldi/Kings Arms car park, Wallisdown

11:00 - Slades Farm (Ensbury Community Centre & Slades Park Pavilion)

2:00 - Oswald Road, Nr Winton Primary School

18th January Wallisdown & Winton West area forum 10:30 - Slades Farm Pavilion
21st January Moordown

09:00 - Moordown Community Centre, Coronation Avenue

14:00 - Malvern Road Parade, Nr St Walburgas School

22nd January Winton East 

08:30 - Bemister Road, Nr St Luke's School

09:30 - Winton High Street (engaging with businesses and residents)

13:00 - Winton Library

14:00 - Charminster Road, Nr Co-op

15:00 - Winton Recreation Ground

23rd January Queen's Park 

08:30 - East Way, Nr Queen's Park Academy

09:30 - Charminster Library, Strouden Avenue

11:00 - Strouden Field Play Park (Howard Road)

12:00 - Charminster Road (engaging with businesses & residents)

14:30 - Queens Park Pavilion

28th January Boscombe East & Pokesdown 

09:00 - The Bell Inn car park, Christchurch Road

11:30 - Southbourne High Street (engaging with businesses and residents)

29th January Boscombe West

08:30 - Knole Road, Nr Bethany School

09:45 - Hawkwood Road, inside and around Boscombe Library

13:00 - Boscombe Chine Gardens

14:30 - St Clement's Gardens, Nr St Clement's & St John's School

30th January East Cliff & Springbourne

08:00 - Lowther Road, Nr Malmesbury Park School

10:00 - Knyveton Gardens

11:30 - Holdenhurst Road (engaging with businesses and residents between Citygate Church & Springbourne Fire Station)

11-3.30- Due to the bad weather we have located here for the day at Springbourne Library

4th February Talbot & Branksome Woods

10:00 - 14:00 - Bournemouth University, The Courtyard, Talbot Campus 

14:30 - Meyrick Park (Car Park and Café) 

5th February Westbourne & Westcliff

09:00 - Milburn Road for Medical Centre 

11:00 - Alumhurst Road Car Park (for M&S and Camden)  

13:00 - Durley Chine - Chineside 

14:30 - Somerville Road, Nr St Michael’s School 

6th February Bournemouth Central

09:00 - The Square, Bournemouth Town Centre

14:30 - The Triangle, Nr Bournemouth Library

11th February Muscliff & Strouden Park

08:30 - Townsend Community Centre and outside Jewell Academy

10:00  - Throop Mill car park, Throop Rd 

10:30 - Bradpole Road Park, the businesses and Strouden Community Centre  

11:30 - Castle Point library 

12:30 - Kingfisher Barn, Granby Road 

14:00 - Muscliff Park, Shillingstone Rd 

(to include - Muscliff Community Centre, The Shack and Pentanque Terraine, 

12th February Littledown & Iford 

08:30 - Kings Park  (Near Kings Park primary school, café and play park)

10:30 - Littledown Centre and Chaseside (road next to Littledown Centre)

11:30 - RBH – Nr the bus station  

12:00 - Iford - Pokesdown A35 Christchurch Road  

14:00 - Swanmore Gardens, Tennis/bowls/park

14:30 - Harewood Avenue, Nr Avonwood Academy 

13th February West Southbourne

08:15 - Cranleigh Rd, Nr Stourfield School

09:00 - Beaufort Community Centre 

10:30 - Immanuel Church, 120 Southbourne Rd.

12:00 - Southbourne Grove/ Southbourne Rd Businesses 

14:00 - The Overcliff 

25th February East Southbourne & Tuckton 

09:00 - Tuckton Tea Gardens area

09:30 - Library, Wick Lane

10:30 - Hengistbury Head

14:00 - The Broadway (shops)

14:30 - Rolls Drive, Nr St Katherine's School

26th February Mudeford, Stanpit and West Highcliffe

09:00 - Avon Beach, Beach Hut Cafe and Mudeford Quay

11:00 - In the area of Sainsbury's & Stuart Garden Centre

14:30 - Queens Road, Nr Mudeford Infants School

14:30 - Mudeford Lane, Nr Mudeford Junior School

27th February Highcliff & Walkford

08:30 - Greenways, Nr Highcliffe St Mark's School

10:00 - Gordon Road, Nr Highcliffe Library & Tesco's

14:00 - CODA Music Centre, Chewton Farm Road

29th February  Highcliff Residents Association

11.00 -  Old School, 254 Lymington Road, Highcliffe, BH23 5ET

3rd March Broadstone 

08:30 - Tudor Road, Nr Broadstone First School

09:30 - Broadstone Library, Story Lane

11:00 - Community & Art's Centre, Dunyeats Road

14:30 - Springdale Road, Nr Springdale First School

4th March Creekmoor 

09:30 - Northmead Drive, for Community Centre and Library

12:30 - Hillbourne Community Centre

14:30 - Kitchener Crescent, Nr Hillbourne School

5th March Hamworthy 

08:30 - Turlin Road, Nr Bayside Academy

09:30 - The Hub, 193 Turlin Road

10:30 - St Gabriel's Church, Keysworth Road

11:30 - Nr St Michael's Church

12:00 - Nr the Co-op, Blandford Road

13:00 - Hamworthy Library

14:30 - Ashmore Close, Nr Twin Sails and Hamworthy Schools

10th March Canford Heath 

08:00 - Haymoor Junior School

11:00 - Adastral Square

14:00 - Canford Heath Infants & Juniors

16:30 - Neighbourhood Centre, Nr Asda

11th March Oakdale 

08:30 - Devon Road, Nr St Marys School

10:00 - ORCA/Library (opposite side of the road)

12:30 - Industrial Shopping area

14:30 - Oakfield Road, Nr Stanley Green Infant School

12th March Poole Town 

08:30 - Green Road, Nr Old Town Infants

09:30 - Falklands Square (to include High Street, The Spire and Old Town Community Centre)

14:30 - Jolliffe Avenue, Nr Longfleet CE School

15:30 - North Road, Nr Bournemouth & Poole College

17th March Parkstone 

08:30 - Constitution Hill Road, Nr Ocean Academy

09:30 - Ashley Cross Green, covering local businesses

11:00 - Parkstone Library

12:00 - Parkstone United Reformed Church

14:00 - Mill Lane, Nr Baden Powell School

18th March Penn Hill 

08:30 - Lilliput Road, Nr Lilliput CE School

09:00 - Sandbanks Road, Nr Tesco Express

10:30 - Penn Hill / Kings Avenue Area

13:00 - Ashley Road, Nr Waitrose

14:30 - Courthill Road, Nr Courthill School

19th March Canford Cliffs 

10:00 - Village Hall, Ravine Road

11:00 - Elms Avenue, Nr the Surgery

12:00 - Shore Road, Nr Jazz Cafe

14:00 - Branksome Dene Community Room, Promenade

24th March Alderney & Bourne Valley 

08:30 - Sancreed Road, Nr St Joseph's School

09:45 - Church of the Good Shepherd

11:00 - Rossmore Library & Leisure Centre

13:00 - Branksome Centre

14:45 - Winston Avenue, Nr Bishop Aldhelms School

25th March Bearwood & Merley

08:30 - Barons Road, Nr Bearwood School

09:30 - Bearwood Community Centre and surrounding area

13:30 - Merley Community Centre, Harrier Drive

14:30 - Oakley Straight, Nr Merley First School

26th March Newtown & Heatherlands

08:30 - Livingstone Road, Nr Sylvan & Branksome Heath Schools

10:00 - Branksome Tesco

12:00 - Redlands

14:30 - Library Road, Nr Heathlands School

30th March Christchurch Town

10:00 - Monday Market, Saxon Square

12:00 - The Library

31st March Burton & Grange 

08:30 - Campbell Road, Nr Burton School

12:00 - Somerford Arc

14:30 - Draper Road, Nr Somerford School

1st April Christchurch Town

08:00 - Addiscombe Road, Nr Christchurch Infant School

08:30 - Clarendon Road, Nr Christchurch Junior School

14:30 - Wick Lane, Nr The Priory School


2nd April Commons 

10:00 - St Catherine's Hill Community Centre and businesses

12:00 - Hurn Post Office

14:00 - Marsh Lane, Nr Twynham School