Adult Social Care Strategy Priorities Engagement

Thursday 13th February (12:00) - Monday 23rd March 2020 (23:59)
We'd like to hear your ideas about the new BCP Council Adult Social Care (ASC) Strategy Priorities.

The Draft Strategy sets out our long-term priorities and high-level actions for ASC. Some of these are taken from BCP Council's Corporate Strategy (highlighted with an *) that has just been approved by Cabinet and some are new/specific to ASC. The Strategy will be underpinned by a delivery plan for the next four years. We will work with our partners to achieve this.

The draft Strategy priorities have been approved for wider public and stakeholder engagement before returning to Cabinet for final approval in the summer. The priorities are:

1. Engage with individuals and communities to promote well-being
2. Support people to live safe and independent lives
3. Value and support carers
4. Enable people to live well through quality social care
5. Deliver Services that are modern and accessible

We want to see if we are focusing on the right elements and would like to hear your views to help shape how we will deliver the actions that we are proposing. We also want to find out whether there is anything missing from the draft Strategy and if there are opportunities to do things differently or smarter.  Your views and suggestions are really important to us.

If you are a resident or service user, please complete this questionnaire.

If you are an organisation or work for ASC at BCP Council, please complete this questionnaire.

Easy Read versions of the Draft Strategy Priorities and the Questionnaire are available.

The consultation closes on Monday 23 March 2020.