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Report your lost dog

If you have lost your dog, please call us on 01202 123 789.

Tell us:

  • what your dog looks like
  • where and when it was lost
  • if your dog has a collar and tag.

We check each dog against our register to check if it has been reported. If we find your dog, we’ll call you. Please let us know if you find your dog so we can remove your dog’s details from our register.

We also advise you to contact:

  • neighbouring councils, particularly if you live near council borders
  • local rescue centres and veterinary surgeries.

Collecting your dog

There are fees that must be paid when collecting your dog. These can vary.

Our fees include:

  • the cost of seizure of the dog by the dog warden
  • vaccination by a veterinary surgeon
  • kennel fees, which are charged daily.

If you are unable to pay these fees, we are not able to release your dog.

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