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Resources to support children

Resources to support children's wellbeing

Action for children

Action for children have produced a selection of helpful resources to maintain a child's mental wellbeing.

Early years alliance

Explains how you can take care of young people's wellbeing and mental health.

Every Mind Matters

Every mind matters is an NHS initiative to help look after mental health.


Free learning resource about the mental health of children, young people and other adults. Covers how to help a child to build friendships, deal with bullying and how to support resilience.

NSPCC - Learning portal

Information on how you can promote mental health and wellbeing in children and young people. Includes tips to share with parents and carers you work with.

NSPCC - Mental health and parenting

Help and advice for parents and families dealing with mental health problems in everyday life and during the coronavirus pandemic.

NSPCC - Support for children and young people

Information about child mental health can help you recognise and respond to concerns. It includes, risk and vulnerability factors for mental health problems, identifying mental health difficulties, how to talk to children and young people about their mental health, where children and young people can get support.

Partnership for children

Partnership for children have produced some social and emotional learning activities.


Resources to support children mental health and wellbeing.
Parents and carers play an important role in teaching children and young people to understand and manage their feelings.


UNICEF Supporting Mental Health in Infancy and Early Childhood toolkit.

Young minds

Guide for parents and carers to support children during COVID-19.

Coping with Bereavement and Serious illnesses

Childline - Dealing with loss and bereavement

Help to hold the conversation with children about loss.

Children and bereavement support

NHS endorsed activities to help a child cope with the loss of a loved one.


Resources to help families and young people who have experienced the death of someone special.

Rainbow trust

The Rainbow trust have produced some resources to support children and families through serious illness.

Winston Wish

Talking to children and young people about a serious illness.

Books to help children cope with change and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Positive Parenting Project

Have put together a list of books to help children cope with change, worries, emotions, anxiety.


free to use illustrated book to help children understand and discuss the pandemic.

Early years story box

A collection of story books for children that help to create self-belief, acceptance and tools to manage their feelings.

My hero is you

A story book on how Kids can fight COVID-19.


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