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Further Support for communication, language and literacy

Come Talk with Me communication language and support

These groups are for children aged two or three years who have a delay in their communication and language development.

They are run by Elklan trained early years practitioners in family hubs across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Please use your Communication Journeys to help you identify if a child would benefit from support and then complete a WellComm assessment. You will also find useful information on the Come Talk with Me flowchart which will help you identify the best referral route for children with communication and language difficulties.

If you feel Come Talk with Me is appropriate for a child, you must complete, with the child’s parent, a request for support form (RSF) providing information from the WellComm assessment and send it to the family hub of their choice. To help with this process, please see a list of questions to be used alongside the RSF. The family hub will then contact the parent to discuss the support they can access.

Please note the support is not appropriate for children with disordered speech, difficulties related to pronunciation or for delays of more than a year. In this instance please use the BCP Graduated Response Toolkit to inform early intervention strategies and refer directly for speech and language therapy using the speech and language referral form. 

The Christchurch and Bournemouth East Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Services have a Children's Speech Sounds guide. This will  help you to know when children’s difficulties with pronunciation are actually age appropriate, and when a referral is needed. Please use this before making referrals to SALT.

The I CAN Help Enquiry Service gives practitioners, parents and carers a chance to discuss questions or concerns with an I CAN speech and language therapist.