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Work time

Helpful hints for working one to one on targeted support for children with SEND.

Work time is focused time to work one-to-one on targeted support for children with SEND, away from distractions.

It is the ideal time to work towards targets on the child’s plan.

Preparing for work time

Ensure the environment is clear from distractions, has enough space for the activities you have planned and is somewhere that the child feels comfortable.

Plan your activities and make sure all the equipment you need is to hand. If using start finish trays,set these up ready.

Make sure work-time it is held at the best time for the child, taking into account their daily routine and the activities within the setting.

Work time

  • Show the child the work time image and say ‘work time’ in a positive and assertive manner – If the child uses a now and next board, you can use the work-time image on this
  • take the child to the work time area
  • keeping the work time routine and area consistent, will help with success
  • when initiating work time, start with short activities that you know the child will enjoy
  • as the child gets used to the work time routine, you can introduce longer sessions with more complex activities
  • give plenty of praise.

Helpful hints for work time.