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Visual prompts

Visual prompts can help you support a child with communication difficulties.

NOW and NEXT board

This board is helpful if you have a child that may have limited understanding, expressive language problems, or finds it difficult to follow a routine.

It can be useful if you are supporting a child during work-time or using one-to-one planned activities.

  • place the activity that is happening at the time on the NOW section
  • then put the activity that you are preparing the child for, on the NEXT section. Remove the first activity leaving the next one for the child to see. Reinforce the visual prompt with the verbal direction, explaining what is happening next
  • you can use the same symbols or photos as you use for your visual timetable
  • you can also personalise the board with the child's photo or name.

Activity choices board

This should be used for an individual child. It is a way of helping the child to use pointing or gesture as a form of communication, in order to choose an activity. Some children may use spoken words, signing or both.

  • use either 'Widget' symbols or photographs
  • please ensure that if you are using photographs that they are clear and do not give too much information at once
  • only use three activity symbols at one time on the board
  • encourage the child to select one activity
  • encourage them to remove the picture from the board and give it to you
  • reinforce their choice by repeating it to them e.g. 'painting', you may also reinforce this with signing.

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