Taxi licence in Bournemouth zone

Under the new BCP Council, Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing is divided into three zones in line with the three previous council areas.

Therefore, if you wish to drive a Bournemouth licensed vehicle you will need to apply for a Bournemouth Zone Driver licence.  All applicants must demonstrate that they are ‘fit and proper’ and meet the high standards required of someone who is responsible for transporting vulnerable members of the community.

Restrictions of qualification

To be able to apply for a licence you must:

  • be at least age of 21 years.
  • ve conversant in the English Language.
  • have proof of right to live and work in the UK.
  • have either a BTEC or NVQ in Transporting Passengers by Taxi and Private Hire.
  • have a valid driving licence (UK Group B entitlement for more than 12 months or the same EEA entitlement, registered with the DVLA.)

Application Process

To apply for a taxi licence you must read the guidance, make an application to the Disclosure and Barring Service and complete our online form.

Other important documnets you will need to complete for your application are the public carriage knowledge test, a medical examination report and the driver mandate consent form.


The driver licence application cost is £120.00.  This fee covers:

  • Initial application fee
  • Driving Licence check
  • First Knowledge Test

It does not include the following:

  • DBS Check
  • Knowledge Test re-resit
  • Driving Assessment
  • Medical Examination

Application for a private hire operators licence

To apply for a Private Hire Operators Licence please complete the application form and contact us to make payment. The application will not be valid until the full payment is received. Please rturn the form to:

Licensing - Taxi and Private Hire

There are fees involved in this licence

Minimum Fee (for up to six vehicles operated): £ 105.00

Thereafter - 7 to 20 vehicles operated: £ 30.00 per vehicle

Maximum Fee: £515.00