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Fairtrade Poole

The Poole area achieved official Fairtrade Town status in July 2016. This prestigious award recognises our commitment to promoting Fairtrade products and principles.
Our achievements so far include:
  • a range of Fairtrade Mark products in local shops and eateries
  • half of all places of worship in Poole promote and use Fairtrade products
  • over 40 per cent of primary and secondary schools (four of which are officially Fairtrade schools) teach pupils about Fairtrade
  • the RNLI college is a flagship employer supporting Fairtrade.
Poole's Fairtrade steering group meets regularly and comprises:
  • BCP Council
  • Bournemouth and Poole College
  • RNLI College
  • Poole Chaplaincy
  • Poole Grammar School
  • Poole Housing Partnership
  • Poole Methodist Church.
You can contact the Fairtrade Poole steering group by emailing