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More energy-saving ideas

A list of useful websites and organisations helping you to reduce energy costs in your business.

Carbon Trust

Carbon Trust provides free information, guidance and promotional materials for businesses in the UK.
They also offer advice on interest free, unsecured loans available to small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade or replace equipment with energy-efficient alternatives.

Energy Efficiency Guide for SMEs

This useful guide sets out low-cost energy-saving measures and steps that small and medium sized business (SMEs) can follow.

Energy Saving Trust

Advice for businesses on vehicle fleets, greener vehicles and efficient driving from the Energy Saving Trust.


Specialising in drainage and environmental solutions, Envirowise provide free, independent advice and support on practical ways your business can minimise waste and reduce the environmental impact.


WRAP is a charitable organisation promoting and encouraging sustainable resource use through waste minimisation, reuse, recycling and the reprocessing of waste materials.


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