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Butterfly Garden plaques terms and conditions

Please check the terms and conditions before ordering your butterfly plaque. If you have any questions, contact the bereavement services team who’ll be happy to help. 

  1. The scheme is for cremations that have taken place or where cremated remains were scattered at Bournemouth Crematorium. 
  2. The initial contract is for 5 years from the date the plaque is placed in the garden, with an option to renew for a further 5 years once this initial contract ends. After that, you can renew for whatever period is available at the time the contract finishes.   
  3. If the contract is not renewed, the plaque will be removed from the garden and held in the bereavement services office for 3 months, where it can be collected. We let the contract holder know the plaque is available for collection. It is the contract holder's responsibility to make sure they notify bereavement services if they change address. 
  4. The wording on the plaque is restricted to 100 letters over 6 lines. This includes the baby's name and any dates. 
  5. We reserve the right to vary or abbreviate any inscription submitted which is too long to be inscribed on the plaque. The final layout of the plaque is at the discretion of the engraver. 
  6. Once placed in the memorial garden, the memorial plaque is the responsibility of the contract holder. We will not be liable for theft or damage to any memorial plaque once it has been placed in the Butterfly Garden. 
  7. The plaque will be place in position on a next available basis in strict order of application. 
  8. No vases, pot plants, shrubs bedding plant, or any forms of tributes are permitted in the Butterfly Garden. 
  9. Contract holders will be notified once a plaque has been placed in the garden. 
  10. Cremated remains are scattered in a designated area in the garden and there is no provision for strewing remains around the plaque. 
  11. The current fee for an initial five-year contract is shown in our price list.