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How we collect bulky items

Bulky household waste is domestic waste that is too big or too heavy for your normal rubbish bin collection.

If you want to dispose of a bulky household waste item, such as a bed, mattress, sofa or fridge and you cannot take it to one of our household recycling centres, we can collect it from your property for a small charge.

We provide the Bulky Waste Services to you subject to our Terms and Conditions. To book a collection and once you’ve read our terms and conditions, please apply online.

What we cannot collect

We cannot collect:

  • anything that can't be carried by two people, such as a piano
  • anything that is over three metres long
  • dangerous or flammable items such as asbestos, chemicals, oil, fuel, gas canisters, fire extinguishers or paint stripper
  • tyres or trailers
  • vehicle parts including car batteries or or engines
  • commercial fridges/freezers/cookers
  • waste as a result of a DIY project in your home, commercial building works or repairs to your home
  • soil or rubble
  • clinical waste
  • soiled or dirty furniture/mattresses
  • anything that has been left outside and is wet
  • bags of standard household waste that can be taken in our normal rubbish bin collection service
  • garden waste (bagged or loose).

If someone else may want your items, you can:

  • sell them, for example, using Gumtree
  • give them away using a refuse network such as Freegle or Freecycle
  • use a collection service if offered by a charity, for example, The British Heart Foundation, Julia's House, Age UK or Sue Ryder.

If you are buying new white goods (such as fridges and washing machines), or even large items of furniture, we suggest that you speak to the company you are buying them from to see if they can remove your old item from your home. Sometimes the company may charge you a small fee.