Report a missed bin collection

If you put the correct bin out on your collection day and we missed it, let us know and we will return to empty it. Please leave your bin/container out until we've been back to empty it.

We will not collect your bin if:

  • your recycling is not sorted or includes items we cannot recycle
  • your garden waste bin includes materials we cannot take
  • your bin is not ready from 5am - you need to put it on or by the kerbside, where we can see it
  • your waste is not all contained inside the bin
  • your bin is too heavy
  • your bin is compacted - you need to ensure waste will fall out when the bin is collected.

How to report a missed bin

Firstly please wait until after 11pm on your collection day to report a missed collection. Then please check to see if your address is on our list of missed bin updates before reporting. If your address is not on the list then you can report your missed bin online.