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Missed bin updates

Occasionally bin collections are missed due to operational problems, or access issues. Check the list below to see the roads where we haven't been able to collect.

We know these bins haven't been collected so you don't need to tell us about them.

If your whole road has not been collected please do not call us as we will already know this information. 


Due to staff shortages, recycling bins at the following roads were not collected on 3 October 2022. We aim to collect these on 4 October 2022 so please leave your bins out.

  • Alexandra Road
  • Amesbury Road
  • Appletree Close
  • Beaufort Road
  • Castlemain Avenue
  • Fenton Mews
  • Fenton Road
  • Hampden Lane
  • Herberton Road
  • Irving Road
  • Kimberley Road
  • Oxford Avenue
  • Paisley Road
  • Parkwood Road
  • Ravenscourt Road
  • Sandy Lane
  • Seafield Road
  • Shelton Road
  • Southbourne Road
  • Stourvale Road
  • Suffolk Avenue, Christchurch.


There are no known missed roads.

Garden waste

There are no known missed roads.

Food waste

There are no known missed roads.

If your bin has been missed and it isn't on the above lists, please report it to us.