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Needs assessment for residential and nursing care for people with dementia to 2025

This is the current situation in the UK about dementia:  

  • dementia affects 5 per cent of the over 65s and 20 per cent of the over 80s 
  • the proportion of those with dementia doubles every five years 
  • some 70 per cent of care home clients have dementia.  

Current care home places in Poole:  

  • 36 care homes with 1,150 places, 222 of these are reserved specifically for those with dementia or mental disorders 
  • we support 411 clients in residential or nursing homes, 214 of these clients have dementia.  

Projected situation in the UK:  

  • By 2025 it is estimated there will be more than 1 million people with dementia and more than 1.7 million people by 2050.  

Projected care home places in Poole: 2025  

Overall, the estimated requirement to meet the projected need in 2025 is for an additional 378 places for those with dementia made up of nursing (190), residential (170) and 18 respite beds.  

Read the full Needs Assessment for Residential and Nursing Care for People with Dementia to 2025 Social Services report