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Send us an invoice

You can send an invoice from your existing accounts system to us, using a PDF or .tiff. These invoices are automatically imported into our finance system and matched against purchase orders.

To be able to do this, your invoice must quote a valid Purchase Order number to be processed. The Purchase Order numbers are:

  • BCP Council - BCP followed by six-digits
  • Bournemouth Building & Maintenance Ltd - 8 digits long starting with 52
  • Seascape South Ltd - SSL followed by six digits.

The email address for sending your invoices is:

Do not submit enquiries to this email address as it is not monitored.

Please also note that:

  1. the invoice file format emailed should be a text based PDF or .tiff
  2. only one invoice per attachment is emailed to us (invoices can be single or multiple pages)
  3. multiple attachments can be added to each email, for example multiple invoices (total size limit of attachments per email is 10MB)
  4. PDF documents supplied should have no security restrictions or be Read Only
  5. an email subject is not required but if a subject is used, then the underscore ( _ ) character should not be used.

If your invoice does not reference a valid Purchase Order number, please email it to Ensuring that it states the name of the Council Officer that instructed your supply. Any invoices that do not state the Council Officer’s name will be returned to you as disputed.

Supplier Portal

The supplier portal allows you to input invoices supported by a Purchase Order number directly into our payment system. The portal also allows you to view your account online to track:

  • whether invoices have been received
  • when payment is due
  • whether payment has been made.

Contact us

For queries and support you can contact us by email at