Sustainable Environment

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Leading our communities towards a cleaner, sustainable future that preserves our outstanding environment for generations to come

Ensure sustainability underpins all of our policies

SDG 12 / 13 / 15
We will:
  • embed sustainability in BCP Council’s new ways of working to achieve zero carbon targets
  • develop a robust corporate policy framework that embeds sustainability by April 2020
  • ensure sustainability, climate action and biodiversity are at the heart of the Local Plan when it is published by November 2022
  • launch a Decision Impact Assessment tool to embed sustainability by summer 2020
  • establish an environmental standard for events by 2023
  • influence key partners and key stakeholders including the public sector, charities, developers and businesses to improve sustainable standards to achieve zero carbon targets
  • establish a sustainable procurement strategy and policy in 2020
  • integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into BCP Council's corporate performance management framework by summer 2020

Protect and enhance our outstanding natural environment

SDG 14 / 15
We will:
  • continue to deliver higher-level stewardship and management of designated natural sites to preserve them for future generations
  • work in partnership with Bournemouth Parks Foundation to maximise the benefits of charitable work across the conurbation by end of 2020
  • develop a beach management strategy and delivery scheme by April 2021
  • manage land to enhance quality through maximising CO2 capture by greening the urban environment and introducing a tree planting programme by 2021
  • protect SSSIs through the work of nature conservation teams and partners, creating favourable conditions for priority species
  • encourage more volunteers to protect and enhance the environment by 2023
  • work with partners to enhance recreation opportunities and health benefits, improve biodiversity and increase the length of accessible paths along the Stour Valley
  • review the shoreline management plan by end of 2021

Develop an eco-friendly and active transport network

SDG 11
We will:
  • develop a local cycling and walking infrastructure plan by end of 2020
  • provide a bikeshare scheme in Christchurch by June 2021 and incorporate e-bikes into bikeshare across the conurbation by March 2023
  • strengthen the Quality Bus Partnership to provide higher quality bus services for residents to encourage increased usage and reduce carbon emissions
  • deliver an integrated, smart travel app by 2023
  • deliver more and enhanced ‘safer routes to schools’ measures to increase the number of pupils and guardians walking and cycling thereby increasing active travel and reducing carbon emissions from cars
  • develop a sustainable fleet replacement strategy by December 2021
  • review highway maintenance activities and propose future options for a highway maintenance model, including a funding strategy by summer 2020
  • provide new walking and cycling infrastructure to increase active travel and thereby reduce carbon emissions from cars
  • develop a communications campaign to promote sustainable travel to residents, schools, businesses, and visitors by April 2021

Tackle the climate and ecological emergency

SDG 7 / 13
We will:
  • adopt a climate and ecological emergency strategy and action plan by end of 2020
  • develop emission reduction pathways and carbon budgets to track progress towards BCP Council and area-wide targets by end of 2020
  • submit emissions data to global climate reporting organisations annually to demonstrate progress by end of 2020
  • adopt a zero carbon workplace charter to inform employees of simple measures to cut carbon in daily operations by end of 2020
  • update extreme weather record and preparedness framework to aid in decision-making on adaptation measures by end of 2020
  • lead work with key partners across the conurbation to discuss and formulate a plan of action to encourage emission reduction measures by April 2020
  • hold a climate and ecological emergency citizens assembly by summer 2020
  • launch and run a resident engagement programme to make homes energy efficient, reduce fuel poverty and raise awareness of the most effective climate friendly actions through 2020

Promote sustainable resource management

SDG 12
We will:
  • adopt an environment strategy by March 2021 to protect and improve the local environment in line with the Government’s 25 year Environment Plan
  • bring Christchurch waste and cleansing services in-house by April 2021
  • adopt a single BCP Council waste strategy in line with the national waste strategy, including a review of three different models for refuse collection and proposals for consolidation by summer 2022
  • let a contract for the treatment and disposal of Bournemouth’s residual waste by the end of 2020
  • review BCP Council street cleansing services by 2021
  • build on the Leave Only Footprints and Love Food Hate Waste campaigns
  • seek additional funding to promote zero waste campaigns and waste reduction initiatives, such as New to You
  • work with partners and communities to achieve single-use plastic-free status across the conurbation

Maximise access to our high quality parks and open spaces

SDG 12
We will:
  • develop green infrastructure strategy to manage parks, recreation grounds, beaches and open spaces by December 2021
  • increase biodiversity by reviewing use of grassland management, wild flower meadows and pesticide usage by end of 2020
  • identify adequate Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace provision across the conurbation by early 2021
  • work with partners to increase the accessibility and diverse offer for parks and open spaces increasing the number of visitors
  • utilise grants, donations and developer contributions to increase investment in parks, beaches and open spaces by December 2021

Measures of Success

  1. percentage of total household waste recycled, re-used or composted
  2. residual household waste per head of population
  3. residual household waste per household
  4. use of public transport
  5. single occupancy cars entering conurbation
  6. CO2 emissions for BCP Council
  7. number of Green Flags awarded
  8. number of Blue Flags awarded
  9. number of households receiving energy efficiency advice and guidance
  10. percentage of SSSI in favourable condition
  11. number of volunteer hours supporting environmental sustainability and enhancement programmes
  12. standard of cleanliness achieved in line with the Environmental Protection Act 1990
  13. number of BCP Council vehicles replaced with cleaner and greener vehicles
  14. number of people cycling