Modern, Accessible, Accountable Council

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We are a modern, accessible and accountable council committed to providing effective community leadership

Our Behaviours


Journey so far

The creation of BCP Council is the most complex local government reorganisation seen in the country for 45 years.

We believe every member of our vibrant communities deserves a council that is every bit as accessible, available and easy to use as we expect in our digitally driven 21st century lives. We also believe that the way BCP Council makes decisions should be clear and easy for people to engage with.

We have:
  • managed the impact of local government reorganisation on BCP Council and ensured that all services are delivered to the standards our community expects
  • worked within the budget set by the Shadow Authority by ensuring strong financial management of BCP Council and its services
  • engaged with over 2,000 stakeholders in the development of the Corporate Strategy
  • developed a new BCP Council Operating Model that will bring our vision of a modern, accessible council to life
  • agreed a set of values that underpin the way we work as we develop and deliver services
  • recognised the need for a closer relationship with our community and developed a consultation plan for a Community Engagement Strategy that will allow residents a better role and say in our future decision making
  • developed new BCP Council social media profiles and launched an e-newsletter service that enables us to reach people quickly and directly with our key community messages
  • adopted a BCP Council-wide Equality Policy and governance framework to ensure we consider and include our diverse communities in activities and decisions
  • developed a People Strategy which supports the delivery of BCP Council priorities and promotes a culture which is inclusive, safe, ethical and encourages personal growth and development
  • agreed a Pay and Reward Strategy designed to deliver more equitable pay and terms of employment across the workforce
  • adopted the Smart Place Programme which will transform how BCP Council and other agencies provide services for local people and businesses, supporting the delivery of strategic outcomes

Modern council

SDG 5 / 10 / 12 / 16
We will:
  • review and harmonise all our major service strategies and policies by 2021
  • start implementation of our new operating model in 2020 and invest in new technology and ways of working so residents and customers have better services
  • identify and deliver efficiencies that will meet the demands of the Medium-Term Financial Plan and protect vital front-line services
  • maximise income opportunities by proactively identifying and bidding for new sources of grant income that deliver the corporate strategy
  • implement the Pay and Reward Strategy and begin the harmonisation of pay in 2021
  • adopt a Digital Strategy in 2020 that sets an ambition for the digital development of communities and sets the framework for the delivery of a Smart Place Strategy
  • improve how we use data to better understand and inform service planning and to empower our communities and customers
  • commit to the development of a BCP Council Civic Centre in 2020 and begin a review of how we use our buildings to deliver the right services, in the right places with the right facilities for our community and customers
  • implement our People Strategy to support modern working practices and improve staff physical and mental wellbeing
  • implement a Behaviours Framework in 2020 which sets out the qualities and attributes we expect of all our employees

Accessible council

SDG 5 / 10 / 12 / 16
We will:
  • adopt a Customer Access Strategy that builds on BCP Council’s commitment to the Local Digital Declaration and meets “Best in Class” standards for digital service design by summer 2020
  • ensure that the design of any new facilities meets “Best in Class” standards to provide ease of access to services and employment
  • adopt a Communication Strategy in 2020 using plain English and continually assess how well messages are being received and understood across communities
  • introduce new technology that will allow live streaming and remote participation for all public meetings in 2020
  • develop and introduce a new BCP Council website by March 2021
  • achieve the ‘excellent’ level of the Equality Framework for Local Government by 2023
  • promote and proactively work towards enabling a diverse workforce across all levels of the organisation, acting as a role model for Dorset employers

Accountable council

SDG 5 / 10 / 12 / 16
We will:
  • complete a review of BCP Council’s Constitution and implement changes in 2020 ensuring we consider all we have learned in our first year as a new council
  • consider opportunities to improve local decision making and accountability for service delivery and our community governance approach during 2020
  • undertake a BCP Council residents’ satisfaction survey in 2020 and use the results to inform future decisionmaking and survey frequency
  • prepare for a peer review by the Local Government Association in 2020

Measures of Success

  1. employee satisfaction
  2. employee health and well-being
  3. employee sickness absence levels
  4. digital skills in workforce
  5. employee confidence in new ways of working
  6. diversity of workforce - at all levels
  7. residents’ satisfaction across all services
  8. residents’ levels of trust in BCP Council
  9. participation and engagement from all community groups
  10. levels of engagement and reach through social media
  11. e-newsletter click through and open rates
  12. level of channel shift
  13. maintain high council tax collection rates
  14. maintain high business rates collection rates
  15. new external funding secured