Fulfilled Lives

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Helping people lead active, healthy and independent lives, add years to life and life to years

Support people to live safe and independent lives

SDG 3 / 8
We will:
  • implement a best practice adult safeguarding model for BCP Council with partners and new Liberty Protection Safeguard legislation by April 2021
  • agree a suicide prevention plan by June 2020
  • improve outcomes for young people with disabilities and special educational needs as they move into adulthood by March 2022
  • increase the proportion of adults with a learning disability with care and support needs who are able to live in their own home, locally, by March 2023
  • increase the proportion of adults with care and support needs in employment, training and volunteering by March 2023
  • continue to promote and extend the use of assistive and digital technology to enable independence and enhance people’s quality of life

Promote happy, active and healthy lifestyles

We will:
  • promote active ageing in more deprived communities through Live Well Dorset and engage at least 1,000 people over 55 for each of the next three years
  • work with our health partners to promote and enable whole school approaches to physical activity, increasing children’s mental wellbeing by July 2020
  • increase take up of health checks in BCP Council area to 7,500 in the year 2020/21
  • undertake a review of leisure provision and residents’ leisure discount schemes to enable greater participation in leisure activities by end of 2021
  • agree with partners a health and wellbeing strategy by July 2020
  • promote positive health including mental health within our communities and partners through a comprehensive action plan by December 2020
  • increase the proportion of people with dependency successfully accessing alcohol and drug treatment services by March 2023
  • facilitate new opportunities for communities and people to engage in creative and heritage activities to benefit their wellbeing by March 2021

Develop age-friendly communities

SDG 4 / 8
We will:
  • work with health partners to promote the benefits of active travel and deliver a publicity campaign targeted at older people by March 2021
  • continue to deliver a programme to improve safer environments in built up areas with increased priority for pedestrians and improved crossing facilities for wheelchair and mobility scooter users
  • support greater use of bus services by providing new bus shelters with seating, accessible boarding kerbs and Real Time Information by March 2022
  • expand the number of dementia friendly communities by March 2023

Value and support carers

SDG 3 / 5
We will:
  • work with carers to improve access to information and advice ensuring it is delivered at the right time and tailored to the individual carer by March 2021
  • work with the NHS to increase the numbers of carers receiving support and services personalised to individual need by March 2023
  • increase the availability and options for time out and short breaks for carers by March 2021
  • create a single model of young carers provision across the BCP Council area by summer 2022, ensuring consistency of support
  • recognise the needs of staff members who are carers within BCP Council’s conditions of employment by 2021

Enable people to live well through quality social care

SDG 3 / 10
We will:
  • implement a new first point of contact service for adult social care to improve online information and advice and supports residents’ wellbeing and independence by March 2022
  • develop outreach support with GPs in community based settings to engage earlier and improve the quality of life for those residents at risk of worsening health and outcomes by March 2022
  • work with all partners and people with lived experience to develop and deliver a strategy to improve the sustainability and quality of the social care market by March 2023
  • promote careers in social care with partners including through the Proud to Care Initiative by March 2023
  • work with the NHS to improve the range and effectiveness of services which support people to live well in their own homes and reduce the need for hospital admissions by March 2022

Tackle homelessness and prevent rough sleeping

SDG 3 / 10
We will:
  • work to prevent homelessness by publishing a new homelessness strategy and deliver the action plan with partners by December 2020
  • publish a single housing allocations policy by the end of 2020 to set out how we prioritise the allocation of BCP Council/housing association homes
  • prevent homelessness by utilising government funding to maximise preventative services for people including those with complex needs and reduce the numbers of those at risk of losing their accommodation
  • reduce rough sleeping by increasing access to suitable accommodation and re-modelling a range of sustainable housing support pathways

Promote lifelong learning for all

SDG 4 / 10
We will:
  • deliver a lifelong learning strategy by March 2023, working with partners to promote a broad learning offer for work and well-being, culture and arts and to increase awareness of environmental issues and sustainable living
  • target care leavers, disadvantaged boys and young people with the greatest barriers to learning and work to join apprenticeship schemes
  • promote high-quality careers education and information advice for young people, adults needing to retrain and those for whom English is not their first language

Measures of Success

  1. percentage Care Quality Commission registered care services rated as good or outstanding
  2. proportion of adults who use social care services who have control over their daily life
  3. proportion of adults with a learning disability in settled accommodation
  4. proportion of adults in receipt of support and services in employment
  5. proportion of people who reported that risks have reduced as a result of a safeguarding enquiry
  6. proportion of carers who receive info/advice or another service after an assessment
  7. proportion of people with dependency accessing drug and alcohol treatment services, and the number completing successfully
  8. numbers of people accessing learning opportunities
  9. availability and take up of apprenticeships, supported internships and educational pathways
  10. young people and adults receiving high quality careers education information and advice
  11. number of people rough sleeping at any one time
  12. number of households in bed and breakfast under homeless legislation provisions
  13. number of dementia friendly communities
  14. take up of health checks
  15. national highways and transport public perception survey accessibility theme Sustainable Development Goals