Dynamic Places

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Supporting an innovative, successful economy in a great place to live, learn, work and visit

Revitalise and reinvent our high streets and local centres

SDG 8 / 11
We will:
  • as part of the Economic Development Strategy, develop an action to revitalise and reinvent high streets and local centres by October 2020
  • finalise and communicate a new Poole Regeneration Masterplan by December 2020
  • continue to deliver the Bournemouth Town Centre Vision and associated Bournemouth Development Company projects
  • create ‘Town Teams’ to develop the agenda for each of our town centres, covering an integrated approach to culture, community and environment with economy to reinvent sustainable local centres by March 2021

Invest in the homes our communities need

SDG 11
We will:
  • improve housing outcomes and access to good quality housing for all residents by developing a new Housing Strategy by October 2020
  • work with partners to increase overall housing supply
  • ensure the right supply of specialist housing to meet needs
  • build 1,000 new homes on BCP Council owned land over 5 years, including sub-market affordable and social rented homes.
  • progress plans to deliver homes on the Holes Bay former power station site
  • agree a sustainability strategy for BCP Council’s housing and construction projects by 2020

Create a sustainable, vibrant and inclusive economy

SDG 8 / 10
We will:
  • support the five existing key sectors of Advanced Engineering, Digital and Creative, Health and Social Care, Financial Services and Tourism to become more sustainable and increase productivity and reward
  • undertake a review of long-term options for the Bournemouth International Centre by December 2020
  • agree high-level, overarching seafront strategy for Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole by early summer 2020
  • create an Economic Development Strategy by October 2020 to drive economic growth and reduce the employment inequality gap based on evidence produced by the local economic assessment
  • create a new Tourism and Destination Strategy by May 2020
  • develop a Cultural Strategy by December 2021 to increase employment in the area’s outstanding cultural sector

Increase productivity through skills development

SDG 4 / 8
We will:
  • create a Skills Strategy by November 2020 which tackles inequality and supports local businesses in partnership with educational establishments and the market
  • produce a business case for a hub to house innovators such as: Manufacturing Technology Centre, Aerospace Skills Partnership by January 2021
  • champion BCP Council’s commitment to increase the number of apprenticeships, particularly for care leavers, across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole by March 2021
  • support the development of a plan for a new science centre by December 2020

Develop sustainable infrastructure

SDG 4 / 8
We will:
  • develop and adopt a new BCP Council Local Plan by November 2022
  • agree a local sustainable transport plan by 2023
  • implement a sustainable travel strategy for BCP Council, subject to a successful bid to the Transforming Cities Fund
  • develop proposals for sustainable mass transit systems by March 2021
  • complete a strategic parking review by end of 2020

Support our businesses to operate more creatively

We will:
  • develop a programme to promote and facilitate the uptake of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and BCP Council regulatory services
  • work with the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership and other stakeholders to deliver the Local Industrial Strategy by March 2021
  • work together with universities and businesses to create paid placements and internships by March 2021
  • work with businesses to adopt a ‘triple bottom-line’ approach that considers their social and environmental impact in addition to their profitability by March 2021
  • promote the government’s Research and Development tax credits to businesses, helping to increase innovation rates

Create a 21st century digital infrastructure

SDG 9 / 17
We will:
  • develop the Smart Place Strategy and Investment Plan by November 2020
  • progress the Smart Place Programme to support the revitalisation of high streets by March 2021
  • implement the Dorset Cyber Alliance “Cyberwell” project to make the BCP Council area a safer and more secure place for Dorset Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to do business as set out in the UK’s Digital Strategy by October 2020
  • promote availability of fibre-based connectivity to all residents and businesses

Measures of Success

  1. high street vitality index
  2. housing equality index
  3. housing delivery in terms of completions (all tenures including additional affordable homes)
  4. development investment value in the town by others
  5. visitor spend per head to resort
  6. percentages of apprenticeships across BCP area
  7. business survival rates/increase business stock
  8. percentage of higher-level qualification/graduate retention and attraction
  9. income distribution addressing the polarisation of pay across BCP Council area
  10. number of businesses supporting the carbon neutral target
  11. percentage of journeys undertaken by sustainable modes
  12. investment income and social value through BCP Council’s investments and/or private sector
  13. percentage of BCP Council area with fibre-based connectivity coverage
  14. investment value in infrastructure (including digital)
  15. number of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships taken up by businesses through universities