Connected Communities

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Empowering our communities so everyone feels safe, engaged and included

Strengthen the cultural identity of our towns and places

SDG 11
We will:
  • ensure strengthening the cultural identity of local communities is embedded throughout the BCP Council Local Plan by November 2022
  • establish a Cultural Compact of BCP Council, agencies, cultural providers and communities by March 2021
  • develop a library strategy which reflects the diversity of local communities and aspires to create neighbourhood hubs by December 2020
  • promote and encourage a sense of civic pride and celebrate the historic traditions and identities of each town through the office of the Chairman, working closely with the respective Mayors
  • continue to support and promote a range of regional and local events and activities that reflect cultural diversity and are accessible to all

Respect and engage with our diverse communities

SDG 6 / 10
We will:
  • implement BCP Council’s Equality and Diversity Action Plan and report progress with achieving the council’s commitments on a quarterly basis
  • deliver an Armed Forces Covenant Action Plan during 2020
  • continue to support a wide range of specialist partner organisations who advocate and provide support to our communities
  • develop a BCP Council-wide community engagement strategy by end of October 2020
  • develop a community regeneration strategy by end of 2020 that takes a partnership approach to working with communities to tackle inequality
  • develop a single policy for the management of publicly accessible toilets across the BCP Council area by the end of 2020

Encourage intergenerational interactions

We will:
  • develop mentoring programmes to encourage older people and younger workforce members to share skills and experience with each other by 2022
  • work in partnership with local businesses and employers to develop a programme that encourages staff to help with reading or mentoring in local schools by January 2021

Reduce loneliness and isolation

SDG 1 / 3
We will:
  • work with local businesses and employers to build partnerships with schools and colleges to support initiatives with a focus on supporting the most vulnerable in our communities by January 2021
  • develop our understanding of issues around loneliness and map these against activities presently being undertaken by the end of 2020
  • work with partners to develop projects using technology to reduce social isolation through the Smart Places Programme
  • continue to promote the use of technology by older people and other isolated communities, raising awareness of how it helps reduce social isolation and loneliness
  • continue to work with voluntary sector partners on a lottery-funded programme to reduce loneliness among older people
  • agree a bereavement strategy and business plan by mid-2020

Ensure our communities feel safe

SDG 8 / 11
We will:
  • develop with partners a Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy and Action Plan to address the priorities of the Community Safety Partnership, including the fear of crime in targeted communities by September 2020
  • review our partnership approach to tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in local communities by September 2020
  • develop a Domestic Abuse Strategy by September 2020
  • develop integrated domestic abuse services for victims and perpetrators by March 2021
  • develop a coordinated BCP Council response to prejudice incidents by June 2020
  • develop a plan to tackle rogue traders who target vulnerable people in their homes by the end of 2020
  • integrate Public Spaces CCTV systems and create a five-year CCTV Strategy by the end of 2020
  • continue to support and develop the night-time economy through initiatives which reduce the harm caused by alcohol and helps make residents, workers and visitors feel safe
  • work with partners including Dorset Road Safe to reduce the number of persons killed or seriously injured on the highway by 40% by 2030

Empower a thriving voluntary and community sector

SDG 11
We will:
  • develop a partnership agreement with the community and voluntary sector which details how we will work together by September 2020
  • develop a single Community Asset Transfer process byJune 2020
  • build on the findings of the Cultural Enquiry to develop a Cultural Strategy that supports community arts and culture by December 2021
  • continue to support Community Action Network who provide support, advice and guidance to the community and voluntary sector across the BCP Council area
  • work with community organisations to harmonise the approach to supporting community centres in the BCP Council area by September 2020
  • develop and deliver a BCP Council Family Support offer which includes Children’s Centres and Youth/Adolescent Services by September 2020
  • take a partnership approach to working with communities and attracting investment to regenerate the community using Community Infrastructure Levy funding

Measures of Success

  1. levels of anti-social behaviour
  2. levels of serious violent crime
  3. risk to most vulnerable victims of domestic abuse
  4. number of people volunteering in their communities
  5. perceived fear of crime – across the BCP areaand in targeted neighbourhoods
  6. number of events and activities held in the libraries
  7. numbers of visits to museums
  8. number of people experiencing cultural activities
  9. number of community and voluntary groups sayingthey have raised funds as a result of advice providedby BCP Council
  10. number of older people feeling lonely anddisconnected from their communities