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Our values and behaviours

Our values

When we were creating our values, we spoke to hundreds of colleagues across BCP Council to hear their views about our current and aspirational culture. We listened to our colleagues to understand how it feels to work here, the role our culture plays, and where we can improve it in the future.

We are committed to making a difference through respect, passion, integrity, innovation and pride. These core values reflect what we consider to be important; they ensure we understand what is expected of ourselves and each other every day and are at the heart of the culture we wish to create for BCP Council. They are what we stand for.

You can see our values in how we behave

We live our values every day through our behaviours - how we do things, how we treat others, and how we expect to be treated. Therefore, our behaviours play an important role in helping to shape the culture of our organisation and drive success in terms of individual, team and organisational performance.


We value diversity of thought and inclusion of all views, positively engaging with each other and our partners, working in diverse communities, to deliver the outcomes we need.


Everything we do is intended to improve the lives, wellbeing and environment of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. We are community champions and passionate local advocates.


We ensure that every decision is based on legal, ethical and moral principles and we always strive to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.


We make decisions and pursue continuous improvement through the use of technology, data and insights and we seek out autonomy, cherishing the opportunities to be creative and innovative.


We take pride in aspiring to be the best in our business, working hard every day to deliver the highest quality services to our customers. This is not your average local authority, it feels different, bold and ambitious, and we are proud of that, setting high expectations.