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Our Big Plan

We want the BCP region to be world class – one of the best coastal places in the world in which to live, work, invest and play.

We want to harness the potential of our coastline of opportunity and make BCP a place where people and businesses want to be – because:

  • of the vibrancy of our communities
  • the strength of our economy
  • the skills of our people
  • the wealth of our culture and the quality of our infrastructure
  • our environment and quality of life.

We know that to achieve our vision, we need a Big Plan that reflects the scale of our ambition.

Our Big Plan involves five big projects that will deliver big changes across our whole area and support the creation of 13,000 jobs across all sectors of our economy – good jobs for local people – creating wealth for our businesses and livelihoods for our families.

Our big plan

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Our 5 big projects

Underpinning our five big projects is the work we will do with Communities, Culture and Children.


FuturePlaces is an urban regeneration company we have created to revitalise our towns and neighbourhoods.

What's next