Our Big Plan

We want the BCP city region to be world class – one of the best coastal places in the world in which to live, work, invest and play.

We want to harness the potential of our coastline of opportunity and make BCP a place where people and businesses want to be – because:

  • of the vibrancy of our communities
  • the strength of our economy
  • the skills of our people
  • the wealth of our culture and the quality of our infrastructure
  • our environment and quality of life.

We know that to achieve our vision, we need a Big Plan that reflects the scale of our ambition.

Our Big Plan involves five big projects that will deliver big changes across our whole area and support the creation of 13,000 jobs across all sectors of our economy – good jobs for local people – creating wealth for our businesses and livelihoods for our families.

Our big plan



We will invest in an iconic cityscape – making BCP a place in which we demonstrate our pride through the positive and innovative face we show to the world, recognising the clean and green quality of both our urban and natural environments.

We will invest with our partners in our connectivity, particularly around our train stations and the quality of the urban environment that greets people as they arrive in our city region.

And we will invest in the Bournemouth International Centre – so that it stands among the very best events venues in the world, attracting visitors who want to return because of the unique seaside offer that we provide.


We will invest in our seafront, enhancing what is already recognised as among the cleanest and most beautiful city region coasts in the world, from Sandbanks to Southbourne, Hamworthy to Highcliffe, with a vibrant arc at the heart, linking Bournemouth Pier with the Pavilion and a renewed and revitalised Bournemouth International Centre.

Together with our partners, we will make our coastline an area of international renown for the quality and welcome of its hotels and we will make our restaurants and hospitality industry famous for the quality and imagination of their food and the excellence of their service.

Rejuvenate Poole

We will deliver on the promise to rejuvenate Poole, bringing a vibrant, attractive and sustainable mix of residency, business, hospitality, retail, culture and green spaces to the heart of Poole, the Quay and the area between the two bridges, complementing the internationally-renowned Sandbanks and the beauty of the second-largest natural harbour in the world.


We will invest in the physical and digital infrastructure of our coastal city region, to ensure that BCP has the best connectivity in the country – whether through superfast broadband and digital connectivity or through land, air and sea transport.

We will exploit the full potential of digital to make BCP a genuinely smart city region, where we use digital data to plan, manage and deliver better services for our residents and businesses and where digital natives thrive.

Act at scale

We will act at scale and aim to deliver more than 15,000 new homes for people of all incomes – both through our own civic investment and by supporting and enabling developers to build homes, with a sustainable mix of affordable and high-end apartments and houses.

The scale of our ambition is also demonstrated in our plans to invest £2 million a year in infrastructure and a £50 million Futures Fund for infrastructure investment, as well as in our aim to support the creation of 13,000 jobs and more than £3 billion of investment value for our area.


Underpinning our five big projects is the work we will do to develop our vibrant communities, with an outstanding quality of life, where everyone plays an active role. This means clean, safe and affordable housing, the wellbeing of all age groups, from our youngest to our oldest, with good health and care and good local services, and good jobs for working-age residents, to provide financially- sustainable livelihoods for their families.


We will redefine and promote our culture and our leisure and entertainment offer, based both on our heritage and on our positive, modern outlook. Our new cultural compact will involve creative education, development and investment in arts and culture, enabling more people of all backgrounds to actively participate all aspects of culture, from celebrations of our maritime and leisure heritage, to music, food, dance and theatre, in support of our aspiration to become a City of Culture.


We will ensure that the BCP city region becomes one of the best places in which children can live, learn and grow up, with opportunities to stay in the area after they leave school, whether to go to university, to train or to work. This means supporting the health, wellbeing and development of children from birth, though their early years, right through their education and into adulthood.

What's next

We will present BCP boldly, confidently and with pride when we tell the story of our ambition, our place and our achievements.

And we will make an early demonstration of that pride and self-assurance when we launch our BounceBack festival, once we emerge from the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, which will:

  • reconnect our communities
  • restore confidence in our economy
  • revitalise our retail, hospitality and tourism sector and
  • announce to the world that we aren't just bouncing back, but aim to be bigger, bolder and better.