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Bournemouth International Centre


We are investing in the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) so that it stands among the very best events venues in the world, attracting visitors who want to return because of the unique seaside offer that we provide.

The BIC is one of the largest venues for conferences and events in southern England. It was opened in 1984, extended in 1990 and refurbished in 2004.

It is managed by the social enterprise, BH Live, in partnership with BCP Council and is operated alongside its sister venue, The Pavilion Theatre and Ballroom.

A comprehensive feasibility study and appraisal of the long-term investment and redevelopment options for the BIC land adjacent and surrounding leisure facilities will set a vision to develop and enhance the BIC for the next 30 years. The centre will re-establish itself as a premier event, conference, exhibition, entertainment and touring venue, at the forefront of the industry and of significant economic benefit for the area. This will attract more events, increase occupancy and yield, while improving sustainability, affordability, efficiency and minimising its whole-life costs and carbon footprint. The BIC’s unique beach-side location will ensure that Bournemouth will once again become the centre of the conference and exhibition calendar.