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The cabinet is made up of the leader of the council and cabinet members.

The cabinet's role is to:

  • provide leadership
  • propose the budget and policy framework
  • lead on improving council services

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Cabinet members

Cabinet members are councillors with special responsibilities over an area of the council's activities, such as housing or climate change. Their area of responsibility is known as their portfolio. 

Cabinet members may work with council officers and others to develop policy within their portfolio, which then comes to cabinet for formal approval.

Councillor Vikki Slade is the Leader of the Council, and the portfolio holder for Dynamic Places. This portfolio includes:

  • place-shaping 
  • strategic planning and the Local Plan 
  • the Local Transport Plan 
  • regeneration and infrastructure 
  • BCP Council policy 
  • emergency planning and response 
  • equalities and diversity 
  • BCP Council Constitution and controls 
  • relationships with BCP FuturePlaces and the Bournemouth Development Company. 

Councillor Millie Earl is the Deputy Leader of the Council, and the portfolio holder for Connected Communities. This portfolio includes:

  • community involvement, lived experience and engagement
  • bereavement and coroner services
  • relationships with the voluntary sector
  • economic development and high streets
  • planning development management.

Councillor David Brown is the portfolio holder for Health and Wellbeing. This portfolio includes:

  • public health
  • adult social care
  • commissioning and procurement
  • relationships with NHS and ICS.

Councillor Richard Burton is the portfolio holder for Children and Young People. This portfolio includes:

  • children’s social care
  • education and SEND programme
  • liaison with Ofsted and DfE
  • liaison with schools, universities and colleges
  • liaison with children and young people
  • children’s transformation programme.

Councillor Mike Cox is the portfolio holder for Finance. This portfolio includes:

  • medium-term Financial Plan
  • budget setting and management
  • financial controls
  • commercial operations, including car parking
  • financial services
  • revenue and benefits
  • audit and management assurance
  • estates.

Councillor Andy Hadley is the portfolio holder for Climate Response, Environment and Energy. This portfolio includes:

  • our Climate Action Plan and response
  • environmental services 
  • refuse collection
  • street cleansing
  • waste disposal
  • grounds maintenance
  • parks and gardens
  • Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM)
  • highways maintenance.

Councillor Jeff Hanna is the portfolio holder for Transformation and Resources. This portfolio includes:

  • our transformation programme
  • IT, data and programmes
  • people and culture, including HR policies and practices
  • law and governance
  • elections.

Councillor Andy Martin is the portfolio holder for Customer, Communications and Culture. This portfolio includes:

  • customer services and contact
  • our websites
  • communications, marketing and brand
  • cultural services and cultural compact
  • museums and libraries.

Councillor Kieron Wilson is the portfolio holder for Housing and Regulatory Services. This portfolio includes:

  • housing management and landlord services
  • housing strategy and standards
  • homelessness and housing need
  • environmental health
  • community safety
  • trading standards
  • anti-social behaviour enforcement
  • liaison with Dorset Police and fire services
  • licensing policy.