Taxi and Private Hire Policy Consultation

Thursday 1st October (10:30) - Monday 2nd November 2020 (23:59)

We would like your views on the draft policies for Taxi and Private Hire Drivers, Vehicles and Operators. The draft policies replace the existing policies from the previous Councils. The new policies provide consistency for applications and enforcement across the conurbation and ensure all taxi and private hire licensing is harmonised and delivered to the high standard expected by the BCP Council Licensing Authority.

There are three separate documents which each refer to the individual strands of the Taxi and Private Hire Licensing regime, each document relates specifically to the requirements and conditions of the licence held. The primary focus of these policies is to protect passengers being transported in licenced vehicles by ensuring high standards for licenced drivers, safe will maintained vehicles and operators ensuring bookings are recorded.

Please read the policies below and then complete the survey to give us your views.

The consultation closes at midnight on Monday 2 November 2020

Taxi and Private Hire Drivers Policy
All new and existing drivers will be required to meet stringent fit and proper tests to ensure they are safe and suitable people who we can trust to transport our most vulnerable members of society. This includes a robust convictions policy, check and training in safeguarding and safe passenger transport of wheelchair users.

Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles Policy
All new vehicles will need to meet strict emissions standards. All new hackney carriages will only be licenced if they can transport a wheelchair, there will be one BCP colour for all new hackney carriages. All vehicle will be mechanically tested twice a year.

Taxi and Private Hire Operators Policy
All staff who take bookings and dispatch vehicles must be provided with Child Sexual Exploitation and Safeguarding training. Criminal records checks will be required for applicants.