Birds Hill

Friday 21st August 2020 (00:00) - Sunday 7th March 2021 (23:59)

Details of the scheme 

The aim of this trial is to reduce traffic in the residential area and discourage through traffic, creating additional space where people can cycle and walk safely through the residential area and for hospital access.

This trial reduces the attractiveness of the wider rat run along Garland Road close to the local primary school.

These changes are temporary to allow people to have their say on the changes until 7 March 2021, before any decision would be made on whether to make them permanent.

To create a Low Traffic Neighbourhood, Birds Hill Road will become a no-through road to motor vehicles (except buses), with only buses and bicycles permitted to exit onto Longfleet Road; and Churchfield Road also becomes a no-through road with a point closure to motor traffic at its junction with Fernside Road.

The Route One bus service will be unchanged.

To enable the changes, seven on-street parking spaces will be removed on Birds Hill Road.

The closures will be carried out using bollards and timber planters, along with appropriate signage.

A local traffic neighbourhood is defined as a group of residential streets, bordered by main roads (used by buses, lorries and non-local traffic travel), where through motor vehicle traffic is discouraged or removed using road closures. Every resident can drive onto their street and deliveries can be made, but it’s harder or impossible to drive straight through from one main road to the next.


Birds Hill ETRO schematic 1024px

The ETROs can run for up to 18 months, with a review of the changes planned for early 2021. The works are planned to be implemented the week commencing 31 August 2020.

You can find out more information about the changes

  • The closures apply to motorised traffic only, so people will still be able to walk and cycle through.
  • The Route One bus service will continue its current route.
  • To help enable the changes, seven on-street parking spaces will be removed on Birds Hill Road.
  • The closures will be carried out using bollards and timber planters, along with appropriate signage.

Background information

Prioritising walking and cycling also helps us to contribute towards tackling the council's declared climate emergency and to enable people to make journeys to work, school, and for leisure, by bicycle instead of using cars or public transport as contained in the Local Transport Plan.

Emergency measures to support Active Travel are being introduced across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole funded by the Government’s Emergency Active Travel Funding.

Have your say

If you wish to formally object to or support the proposed Order, please send your comments by 7 March 2022 to:

  •, putting ‘ETRO/9/10’ as the subject heading, or 
  • ETRO/9/10, Growth and Infrastructure, BCP Council, Civic Centre, Poole, BH15 2RU.

Each road change is being treated as a separate ETRO, so if you wish to comment please use the following reference numbers:

  • Birds Hill Road – ETRO/9
  • Churchfield Road – ETRO/10

Please put the relevant ETRO reference (above) as the subject, include your name and address and specify the grounds for your support or objection in your response.

Any representations received may be made public. Written objections and support will be considered by the council before deciding whether or not to make the experimental measures permanent.

Next Steps

We are currently reviewing the measure considering feedback from the first six months of the trial.  A full report on the findings and outcomes of the ETRO will be considered by the Portfolio Holder for Transport, who will make a decision on whether the changes should be made permanent, retained (with minor alterations), or removed. The experimental order can also be maintained for further review, up to a maximum period of 18 months.