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Pay for care at Brushett and Craigleith

Craigleith and Brushett House are extra care sheltered housing schemes.

Each resident has their own flat and tenancy and must pay rent, utilities and service charges for their flat. This is billed separately to the care and support charges.

What adult social care support is provided

There's a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week service to respond to any emergencies. This is in addition to the onsite care providers.

How much it costs

An assessment will take place by the allocated worker together with the resident. They will be informed of which level of care needs they will require.

There are three bands of care, according to need:

  • low care needs + 24-hour support charge = £50.12
  • medium care needs + 24-hour support charge = £100.24
  • high care needs + 24-hour support charge = £200.48.

This is the maximum amount that will be required for care and support.

How much you pay

If you have capital assets over £23,250, you’ll have to pay the full cost of all adult social care services you receive.

If you have less capital than £23,250, a member of our financial assessment and benefits team will visit and carry out a financial assessment. This will determine  how much you can afford to pay.

This assessment considers your income, your actual capital and your expenses that relate to any illness or disability. This means you may not have to pay the full cost of the care and support service.

How you pay your assessed charge

Every 4 weeks, we’ll send you (or the person responsible for managing your finances) an invoice. It will either be the full cost of your care or your assessed contribution as calculated by your financial assessment. The invoice will also include any other services you receive, like attendance at a day centre or transport costs.