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How to Pay for your care

We assess your care needs separately from your finances. How much you pay depends on what you can afford.

We work out whether you have to pay for services and, if so, how much. We also make sure you’re receiving the benefits you’re entitled to.

We always charge for residential care, though there is not a charge for the Home from Hospital or enablement services in the first 6 weeks.

Care at home

You can receive care at home. The cost to you depends on the level of help you need. We call the combined cost of the care you need your personal budget - either a direct payment personal budget or a council-managed personal budget.

A direct payment personal budget is where we support you to arrange your own care.

A council-managed personal budget is where we arrange the care on your behalf.

How much you have to contribute to the cost of your care will depend on your income and capital.

Paying for care in a care home

You can get help paying for your stay at a care home if you have less than £23,250 in savings and do not own property.

If you have more savings than £23,250 or you own property, you’ll have to pay the full cost of your care, though this may be under a deferred payment arrangement.

Day opportunities

Whatever your age or disability, you’ll find a wide range of activities at a day opportunity centre. Some activities take place in the centres and some out and about. You can make friends, have fun and be part of the local community. The amount you pay for this depends on your finances.

Our charging policy

We refer to Care and Support (Charging and Assessment of Resources) Regulations 2014 and the Care and Support Statutory Guidance (issued under the Care Act 2014) for guidance relating to charging and financial assessment, and as such, these statutory regulations and guidance form the basis of our charging policy.

We make sure how we charge for Adult Social Care Services:

  • is fair to everyone
  • is easy to understand
  • offers good value for money
  • takes into account your ability to pay.

For more information, please see our Charging Policy for Adult Social Care.

We also provide information to help you make the most of your income and choose services that meet your needs.