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Long term care

Personal assistants

Personal assistants can be employed whether you pay for your own support or have a personal budget from us.

The role of a personal assistant (PA) is different to that of a care assistant as they are able to offer more varied and flexible support.

There are many benefits to employing a PA:

  • you choose who supports you
  • you decide what you want them to do
  • you decide when you want them to work.

Live-in care

A care assistant can be employed to live in your home as a full time carer.

Live-in care may cost from £600 to £900 a week depending on the number of hours and support given.

Advantages of live-in care over a residential home include:

  • remaining in your own home
  • staying together with a partner and/or pets
  • maintaining your social life and still having holidays
  • giving added reassurance for relatives and friends
  • one-to-one support allowing you to build a relationship with your carer.

Disadvantages of live-in care over a residential home include:

  • not being suitable for severe needs
  • requiring a spare room for an extra person
  • living with a stranger may not be right for you
  • becoming expensive over time and requiring financial planning.

Carechoices have produced checklists of important things to think about to choose the right care agency for you.

Our service directory can help you find a home care provider.

How to Pay for your care

There is further information about how to pay for care services in your own home.

Our top ten things to think about will help you to plan your future care, even if you don't need support at the moment.


Advocacy is available if you need help to express your views and wishes.