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Help to manage your home

Sometimes home management tasks can mount up and make living at home difficult. You can get help with tasks in your home like:

  • housework and laundry
  • decorating, maintenance and gardening
  • shopping
  • dealing with bills and money matters

Our top ten things to think about will help you to plan your future care, even if you don't need support at the moment.

Safe and Independent Living (SAIL) assessment can direct you to a wide range of help, advice and support services across Dorset.

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Care assistants

care assistant or personal assistant could help if you with organising services, paying bills or general housework such as cooking and cleaning.

Shopping and cooking

You can get help with shopping for food. You might need help if you cannot get to the shops easily or if you find shopping physically difficult.

There are a number of companies that offer a meal delivery service in Dorset. The meals can be hot, frozen or chilled and can be delivered to your door and on a temporary or permanent basis. Many of the meal providers are able to cater for special diets.

Rubbish collection

If you are disabled, housebound or physically unable to move your bins and there is no one else who can help, we can collect them from a point on your property, such as your back door. This is called an assisted bin collection. You can request an assisted bin collection on behalf of someone else if you have their permission. .

You can request an assisted bin collection online.

Help getting online

We have details of organisations across Dorset who can help you to learn how to use computers in our service provider directory.

Moving home

If you feel unable to continue living in your own home, we have advice on housing options such as downsizing or moving into sheltered accommodation.

Further information

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