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Home care promise

Your care provider will give you more detailed information on the quality standards you can expect. This will include information on what to do if you’re not happy with any aspect of the care service.

You can also get in touch with our Adult Social Care Contact Centre to discuss your care at any time.

Typical care visits

Care workers will stay for the planned amount of time at each visit and will give you the time you need to do as much as you can yourself. Typical care visits are usually 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on what has been agreed between you and the social worker.

Care workers will speak to you directly, taking time to explain what they are doing and how you can assist. They will not talk over you, nor exclude you in any way from the care that is provided.

Your visit times may not be at your preferred time at first, but you can ask your care provider about moving to a preferable time slot if one becomes available.

Care workers may be male or female and they are all professionally trained. It may not be possible to send the same care worker each time but we’ll minimise the number of different care workers that visit you.

Care workers who visit you will have a caring attitude and will treat you with respect and dignity, and we hope that you treat them with the same respect. Aggressive, abusive or threatening behaviour may mean home care service is stopped.

Maintaining your independence

We encourage you to say what’s important to you about the service. You’ll be involved in a written care and support plan with the provider, which may include details about the role that other people have in supporting you, like your family or friends or a community nurse.

You’ll be supported to maintain your independence, and your care plan will set out how you’d like your care to be delivered. Care workers will encourage you to do things yourself to maximise your independence, and you’ll always be treated with dignity and respect.

Every year, your care plan, goals and satisfaction with the service will be reviewed by your care provider and possibly a social worker.

Have a voice about the service you receive

Your feedback or complaints about your care service is important to us. You do not have to worry about this having a negative impact on the service you receive.

You can direct your complaints to your care provider or by using our complaints procedure.