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Looking after your property while you're in care

If you temporarily go into hospital or a care home and you don’t have anyone else to take care of your home and we believe there is a risk of your property being lost or damaged, we may be able to help you. This is called protection of property.   

How the property is protected   

We ask for your permission to enter the property to make appropriate arrangement, this may include:   

  • arranging for your pets to be looked after
  • removing small valuable items such as cash, cheque, or benefit books for safe keeping
  • making an inventory of the large items, like furniture
  • securing the premises
  • arrange for any bills to be paid, usually from your own funds
  • informing the police that property is not occupied.   

If you don’t have a secure premise, we may be able to store your possessions within a storage unit, subject to terms and conditions.

How long the property is protected for   

We look after your property until you return home or until other arrangements are made. When you return, we’ll hand back your possessions and property. 

If you’re unable to return home, you, or someone you choose to act for you, need to plan for the future of your property. 

We will only intervene if all known relatives/appropriate adults have refused responsibility. There may also be an administration charge for this service.