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Hospital stays for carers

If you're a carer and will be going into hospital you may not be able to provide your usual care. We may be able to help arrange respite care for the person you care for.

Carers in Crisis provides a back-up plan which helps the person you care for in an emergency, if you are suddenly unable to provide your usual support. An emergency, or crisis, could be anything which delays you getting to the person you care for, or a more serious issue like sudden illness or an accident. You can join the scheme if you are registered as a carer with your council.

If the person you care for goes into hospital

Let hospital staff know as soon as possible that you are a carer. This is so they can include you when the person you care for is assessed.

When the person you care for is discharged from hospital, the hospital should include you and your needs when assessing them (if the person you care for agrees to this).

Carers UK has more information about how to prepare for someone coming out of hospital and what to expect.

Welfare benefits

Turn2us have information about benefits if you or the person you care for go into hospital.


Carers UK has information and advice about work, including getting time off in an emergency, flexible working and your rights at work.


The Alzheimer's Society has information on preparing for a hospital stay when the person you care for has dementia.